Kate Meakin & Virginia Overell - held in a half globe, as if cupped by hands



held in a half globe, as if cupped by hands



held in a half globe, as if cupped by hands presents the work of Australian artists Kate Meakin and Virginia Overell. Whether through devise or coincidence, Meakin and Overell have previously worked together on several group exhibitions, and this exhibition marks the first occasion of their work in the context of a two-person exhibition. Both artists will be travelling to Copenhagen to install new work made specifically for Værelset and completed on-site.


In ‘The sea is not a metaphor’ Overell focuses on contemporary sea visions. The ocean is often characterised as empty, though in reality it is continuously reconstructed by interactions with human and nonhuman elements and a layering of historical and contemporary narratives. Over the past year the empty sea has been filled by the debris of missing planes, capsized cruise ships, contested boundaries, rising sea levels and displaced peoples seeking asylum. Through her archiving of ocean-related news articles and sea-themed postage stamps, an incomplete depiction is formed. The ocean and its vastness continue to be incomprehensible.


Meakin’s practice is based around the collection and arrangement of an unlikely array of commonplace materials and objects: textiles, domestic debris, photographic images, utensils, whole foods and other things. These are combined into sculptures, assemblages and site-specific installations. Through juxtaposing handcrafted and ready-made objects, the value of artistic to other forms of labour is raised. In these works, expired functional items are repurposed: their aesthetic properties are subtly revealed. The new body of work created for this exhibition takes the form of the diorama as a starting point. Within this form an attempt is made to find the poetic in the mundane; at the same time, the poetic is made mundane.


held in a half globe, as if cupped by hands is curated by Australian curator Kim Brockett. The exhibition forms part of an exchange between Melbourne and Copenhagen organised by Nanna Stjernholm Jepsen (DK) and Kim Brockett (MY/AU). In January 2016, Jepsen will present a reciprocal exhibition of Danish artists at Bus Projects in Melbourne.









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Fotos: David Stjernholm